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Overdraft Protection

Simple. Peace of Mind. 
Apply Checking LOC

Types of Checking Protection 

Whether it's a an unexcepted medical expense, or auto repair, we understand that life happens. When the unexpected happens, we have you covered with multiple checking protection options.  

Checking Protection Options
Service Cost
Overdraft Transfer $3 fee for each transfer not initiated by the member
Courtesy Pay $30 Courtesy Pay Fee per Item
Checking Line of Credit1
  • Interest rate as low as 12.99%
  • $3 fee for each transfer not initiated by the member

With Overdraft transfer, if you happen to go over the balance available in your checking account, we'll transfer from your designated savings account into your checking account to pay for the items that caused the overdraft. Members may make changes to their coverage by notifying member services.

Courtesy Pay is a discretionary overdraft protection service that authorizes and pays transactions that overdraw your checking account.

All new checking accounts come with Courtesy Pay which may prevent embarrassing moments when these little emergencies arise. Instead of denying a transaction on your checking account, we may automatically pay the transaction up to your designated Courtesy Pay limit. Regular checking accounts without a direct deposit will come with a default limit of $250, while accounts with a direct deposit will qualify for a limit up to $500.

Some of the Courtesy Pay benefits include:

  • You may avoid merchant or returned charges.
  • You could avoid costly collection agency fees for returned charges.
  • You may avoid the embarrassment of insufficient funds or denied transactions.
  • You can utilize Courtesy Pay if an emergency arises that is not covered by your available account balance.

If you overdraft your account, we may pay your transactions up your designated Courtesy Pay limit plus applicable fees. Your account will be accessed a Courtesy Pay fee for each item that is authorized and settled with Courtesy Pay.

Please review the two types of coverage below:

Courtesy Page Coverage
Transactions covered with Courtesy Pay Standard Coverage (No Action Required) Extended Coverage

(Your Consent Required)*

ACH – Automated Debits    
Online Bill Pay Items    
Teller Window Transactions    
ATM Transactions N/A  yes*
Everyday Debit Card Transactions N/A  yes*

If you have savings overdraft transfer setup and the funds are available, we will attempt to transfer funds utilizing this method prior to accessing Courtesy Pay. We may remove Courtesy Pay or deny payment at any time for abuse or if you fail to meet the eligibility criteria.

If you have questions or want to make changes to Courtesy Pay, please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can determine if you qualify.

A flexible LOC that can be used as overdraft protection. No annual fees and no fees for transfers initiated using online banking or the mobile app. We offer a Checking LOC up to $1,500 with a monthly payment of 3% of your balance, a minimum of $25.

  • Coverage for unexpected expenses
  • Low interest rate as low as 12.99%1
  • Offers flexibility, only use as needed

1 Rates subject to change and are based on creditworthiness. Repayment terms of 3% of outstanding balance or $25, whichever is greater. Not all borrowers will qualify.