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Personal Loans

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Enjoy a low and competitive interest rate! 

Get access to the funds you need with flexible loan options: 

  • Terms up to 84 months for unsecured personal loans
  • Debt protection available for purchase
  • Fast and convenient closing process
  • Personal unsecured loans up to $30,000

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Personal loans can provide funds to cover unexpected expenses, vacations, medical bills or even your perfect wedding. Obtaining a fixed rate personal loan is a good alternative to using a higher interest credit card. We offer flexible term options, no application fees, and low competitive rates.

  • Take Charge of Your Bills

    Obtaining a personal loan can make managing your bills easier by paying off higher interest rate loans. 

  • Quick and Convenient

    Our personal loans have a fast and efficient closing process. Proceeds can be deposited directly to your savings or checking account.

  • Unplanned Expenses

    Have emergency bills stacking up or just need a vacation? We can help you pay those expenses with a personal loan.

Personal Loan

Finance your personal expenses or consolidate current loans or credit cards. Finance up to $30,000 with flexible loan term options.

Personal Loan Recapture

You could lower your monthly payment and interest rate by refinancing your personal loan at another financial institution.

Interest rate as low as 5.99% APR1

 Earn a $25 cash bonus2

Line of Credit (LOC)

A flexible LOC that is available when you need it. We offer lines of credit up to $30,000 with monthly payments of 3% of your balance, a minimum of $25.

Checking line of Credit (LOC)

A flexible LOC that can be used as overdraft protection. No annual fees and no fees for transfers initiated using online banking or the mobile app. We offer a Checking LOC up to $1,500 with a monthly payment of 3% of your balance, a minimum of $25.

  • Coverage for unexpected expenses
  • Low interest rate as low as 12.99%3
  • Offers flexibility, only use as needed

Share Secured Loans

A loan that is designed to help build credit. The funds are secured by your own funds from a share savings or certificate account. Finance up to your available balance with flexible term options up to 144 months4.

Thinking about taking out a personal or auto loan? Taking out a loan can be a financial gamble because life is unpredictable. Unexpected events can happen at the blink of an eye that could leave you and your family scrambling to pay monthly bills.

Debt protection is a voluntary loan-payment protection plan that may help you or your family preserve your standard of living from life events such as disability, loss of life and involuntary unemployment.5

Benefits of Debt Protection

  • Reduces Financial Risks

    Having coverage provides a safety net for emergencies.

  • Easy to Acquire

    Signing up for debt protection and convenient.

  • Provides Peace of Mind

    For you and loved ones.

  • Helps Cancel/Waive Payments

    Your loan payments may be canceled without penalty or added interest with debt protection.

How to Apply?

To add debt protection to a new or existing loan, talk to one of our loan officers today by stopping by the branch or calling 804-355-9684.

1The listed APR reflects a rate reduction up to 1% for personal loans that are refinanced from another lender. With this rate reduction, we will match your existing term and beat your existing personal loan rate by up to 1% APR. Total rate reduction may not result in a rate lower than our best possible floor rate. The lowest possible rate is 5.99% APR. Other restrictions may apply.

2Existing Credit Union of Richmond loans are not eligible for this offer. Bonus will be credited once loan is funded. 

3Rates subject to change and are based on creditworthiness. Repayment terms of 3% of outstanding balance or $25, whichever is greater. Not all borrowers will qualify.

4Rates subject to change and are based on creditworthiness. Not all borrowers will qualify. minimum loan amount of $75,000 required for 144 month term.

5Debt protection may cancel a maximum number of payments or maximum loan balance based on the contract. Terms and conditions apply, please contact a loan officer for more information.