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Stay ahead of Payment Scams

We are here to help. Please share these tips with your family and loved ones!

  • Stay ahead of impostor scams Scammers may pose as credit union employees, utility companies, online stores, IRS employees and more. You should be wary of phone calls, texts and emails that come out of the blue and ask for your personal information. Don’t reply back to the messages. Instead, contact the company directly.
  • Guard your information Fraudsters may ask you to share passwords, one-time passcodes, or account details. This method is referred to as “phishing.” The credit union will never contact you and ask for your password or confidential information. You should always contact the company or merchant directly when in doubt.
  • Avoid anything that is too-good-to-be-true You should beware of scams that involve someone trying to sell you merchandise that you will never receive such as pets, concert or sporting event tickets, jewelry, and cryptocurrency. We recommend that you only make purchases from reputable businesses.
  •  Zelle and Home banking You should always treat Zelle as cash. Only send money to people you know and trust or small reputable businesses since you can not get those payments back. Furthermore, you should never give your password or a one-time passcode to anyone to prevent unauthorized transactions.
  • Monitor your credit and accounts You should monitor your credit report and accounts to prevent identity theft. If you uncover any suspicious activity contact your financial institution, and the credit bureaus as soon as you are aware.