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Credit Union of Richmond is based north of the museum district in the city of Richmond, Virginia. Formed in 1923, it is the oldest credit union in the state.  Originally the Richmond Postal Credit Union, Credit Union of Richmond changed its name in June 2017.

Credit Union of Richmond opens its membership to the city of Richmond. Anyone person who lives, works, worships, attends school, or volunteers in the city of Richmond, employees of the United States Postal Services and their family members are eligible for membership.

Richmond Postal Credit Union decided to change the name to Credit Union of Richmond in 2017. The Credit Union of Richmond wanted every to know that it is not just for postal workers and family. It is here for the entire city of Richmond.

If you want more information about membership, please call 804-355-9684 today or visit our membership page https://curich.org/eligibility-application/.

Member Alert Notifications

Fraud Warning:

Chesterfield County Police has issued the following warning on its social media page:

Text messages addressed to your cell number are stating your debit/Visa card has been locked and to call 612-500-0976. When you call, the recordings sound official but are not. DO NOT ENTER YOUR INFORMATION. If you have done this, please contact your bank or credit union immediately. 

Please help by sharing with friends and family who do not use social media!

Chesterfield County Police

Equifax Breach:

Equifax Credit Bureau announced its files have been compromised in September 2017. The company has provided a resource where those who are potentially impacted can check their status. If you feel like you could have been affected, you will need your last name and last six numbers of your social security number to find out if your information was compromised.

Equifax provided this website and phone number for any one who suspects they have been compromised:

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 804-355-9684.

Staff at Credit Union of Richmond

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