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VISA Credit Card

VISA Credit Cards

Rates as low as 7.99% APR*

The Credit Union of Richmond offers VISA credit cards with competitive rates and rewards as well as balance transfers.

Why pay those high retail store rates when you can save money with a Credit Union of Richmond VISA card.
Credit rates are based on creditworthiness. Restrictions apply.*Annual Percentage Rate

Current Credit Union of Richmond VISA Card Holders:
If you currently have a VISA credit card with us, you should have received a NEW credit card in the mail.
You should have also received a letter prior to receiving the new credit card explaining the details of the new card.

*NOTE: The OLD VISA credit card no longer works.
You must activate the new card prior to use.
If you have not received your new card please
contact Tina Price at 804-355-9684 Ext 110

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