Kids Club Account

It is never too early to teach your child how to save

Kids Club Account 

Watch your kids and their money grow.

Start off small


Minimum balance required to open account

Open to children ages

12 – under

Parents and guardians set up Kids’ Accounts to help their child save money and learn financial responsibility. The child must have a parent or grandparent on the account and must qualify for membership at the credit union. Once the child reaches 13 they will be eligible to convert to a teen account. (See Membership and Eligibility)

Kids Club Features and Benefits

✓ Teaches youth about finances

✓ Unlimited monthly transfers or withdrawals

✓ Open to age 12 and under

✓ Staff at CUofR available to speak with your class for educational purposes

✓ $5.00 membership deposit is the only requirement

✓ Provides educational material to help with math, eating healthy and financial education

✓ The Club account earns a competitive rate of interest (dividends)

✓ Bring your child in to make deposits

✓ Teach your child the value of money

✓ Enjoy many lessons and games with Fiona and Freddie

✓ Access your child's account with your mobile app

✓ Earn money for good grades


Meet Frugal Fiona and her brother Frivolous Freddie. They want to teach children all about financial responsibility. Get your child started today with their very own account.

Frugal Fiona

Fiona and Freddie want you to join Kids Club today!

For more information, please give us a call at 804-355-9684 or email It is never too early for your child to save.

Have a Teenager?

Credit Union of Richmond offers Teen accounts for teens ages 13 – 17. Our Teen Accounts are designed to help teens learn how to manage their money. Let us be there every step of the way, sign up for a kids club or teen account today.